Curriculum Mapping

At the beginning of the year, I always have the best intentions to map out my curriculum for the year. It usually gets about 1/3 done and then I get busy with other things and never go back to it, never look at it again, and just follow the plan in my brain. I was also pretty much my own team because I taught in the gifted/talented program and didn’t have plan time with the other teachers in my grade level.  I did a lot of vertical planning with the g/t team, but that’s quite a bit different than horizontal planning.

This year, I’ll be on a real live team! Yay! To keep us all organized, it would probably be a good idea to complete a curriculum map that we actually use and refer to.

I’m not good at making that sort of thing. I get mad at Excel. Fortunately, my former teammate, Emmalee, lives for that kind of thing. She makes amazing Excel documents and doesn’t even scream at her computer like I do.

EDIT: I just realized I had included the wrong curriculum map, and it wasn’t blank. This one is blank:

Curriculum Map – Blank

UPDATE: To make this a more useful document, we copied and pasted it to Google Docs so everyone could view and change it. It didn’t look as pretty, but was a much more workable document for a team. I definitely recommend doing that!

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