A Little About Me

I love baking. This is a cake I made for my mom’s birthday.

This is me on a pretty good hair day.

My dog, Cookie, is the sweetest dog ever!

I love going to concerts with my husband. This is us at OMD.

I love eating at Snooze. Mmmmm.

I love playing Words with Friends. This was one of the few occasions I’ve been able to beat my husband!

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Hello world!

This is my first post on my teaching blog. If anyone is reading this, thank you for visiting! Hopefully I’ll be posting a lot on here as I get my classroom ready for a new school year as well as throughout the year.

I’ve been teaching for a while now. I started in 2001 as an aide in a severe needs classroom for one year. I then worked as a co-teacher at a private school for gifted and talented students for two years as I worked toward my master’s degree in education. After that, I was a student teacher at a high school. Unfortunately I sucked at it, and quickly realized that as much as I loved teaching language arts, I was meant to be an elementary school school. I graduated with my master’s degree and teaching license in December of 2004, and worked as a substitute teacher for one semester. Fortunately I was offered a job for the 2005-2006 school year teaching a 2nd and 3rd grade combination class in the gifted and talented program.  I was there for 7 years teaching 2nd-4th grade.

I’m so excited to start a new adventure this year! After seeing things go downhill quickly in the school district I was in, I started seriously looking for a new job in the spring of 2012. On the last week of school, I was offered a position teaching 4th grade in a fantastic school in what is probably the best school district in the state.  I’m so sad to be leaving a school I love, but I’m excited about the new opportunity!

Look for more posts soon as I start planning my new classroom. I’m also going to post links to some assignments on

I’m excited to join the blogging community!

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