Time Capsules

Today I’m updating my time capsule assignment for the first week of school.

It’s a quick project that students can complete on their own and in small groups. When they finish, I put all the pieces in a ziploc bag and save it until the end of the year.  Here are the pieces and what I do with them at the beginning and end of the year:

Self Portrait

Beginning of year: Have students create a self portrait of their face, then mount them on construction paper and display them in the classroom. I cover up the name with a tag that says, “Guess who?” and students guess who each picture is. We then reveal the names.

I also draw a self portrait and…. (Shh, this is a secret!)…  I purposefully make it bad while acting like I’m trying really, really hard to show that it’s ok if you aren’t a good artist! I want students to feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes. They look so cute displayed in the classroom. Here’s a bad picture (I forgot to save the full res version):

End of year: Compare their artwork at the beginning of the year with the end. It’s amazing how much better they get!

Hand Print and Foot Print

Beginning of year: Have students work with a partner to trace each others hand and foot.

End of year: Trace them again on top of the first picture with a different color to see how much your hands and feet grew.

Yarn to Show Height:

Beginning of year: In groups of 3-4, have students help each other cut a piece of yarn that is their height.

End of year: Do this again, then compare it to the height at the beginning of the year. Then students write how many centimeters they grew or shrunk on the board. The best part of this is that they do such a bad job of measuring at the beginning of the year that the end of year measurements are hilarious. Some will see that they “shrunk” 30 centimeters because their measuring skills were so off!

Goal Sheet:

Beginning of year: Have students fill these out individually. Conference with students during your first week of guided reading to discuss their goals.

End of year: If you have time, discuss the goals again with each student. You could also have them write a paragraph about how well their met their goals.

Acrostic Poem:

Beginning of year: Have student write an acrostic poem with their name that describes them.

End of year: Read poems. I didn’t do anything else with them.

Favorite Things:

Beginning of year: Have students fill this out individually.

End of year: Have students fill out another copy individually and don’t show them what they wrote at the beginning of the year. During the last week of school, spend 10 minutes at the end of each day going around in a circle having kids share what their favorite things were at the beginning of the year and what they are now. Sometimes they stay the same and sometimes they change.

Here’s the download:

Time Capsules

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2 thoughts on “Time Capsules

  1. Lauren D.

    Thanks for planning my first week 🙂

  2. Glad to help!!!

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