My New Classroom: Before

The thought of starting from scratch with a new classroom is exciting, but daunting!  I have always changed my classroom each year, and I really think it has gotten better each year. However, I have never switched classrooms, so the basic layout stayed similar from year to year.  I’ve started thinking about how to arrange things, but I haven’t decided much yet.

Here is my starting point. The size of the room is great and it has some wonderful storage! It also looks a bit like a prison cell ,and it’s going to need some TLC. (BTW this is with one set of lights on. The room does get brighter.)

I really like the accent wall. It’s a nice calm color, and will work with my theme this year (more on that later!). I also love all the built-in storage!  I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to hide away all of my teacher’s books, craft supplies etc. There’s also a built-in teacher’s desk, which is nice, with file drawers right next to it. I might be able to get rid of the additional file cabinet.

The walls are definitely a blank slate! In a way this is good, but do you see that tiny little bulletin board? that is the ONLY one in the room, and it’s small!  I’m going to have to figure out what to do about that because I definitely want an area to display student work, and I need more space than that.  Also, note the mounted projector! *SQUEE*

Yes, there’s a smartboard. I haven’t used one in a couple years, so I’m definitely going to have to brush up on my skills!  It’s driving me crazy that the white boards are different sizes. They’re also really small! I’m going to have to come up with some different ideas on how to post the daily schedule etc because I don’t want to take up white board space with that.

More white walls and a few tiny windows. Unfortunately, those windows just look out into the hallway. I have no outside windows. Honestly, this is going to drive me CRAZY!  I’ve never worked in a classroom with no outside windows! Maybe I’ll find a webcam that shows what’s going on outside and project it on the smartboard. The window in my old classroom wasn’t great, but at least it looked outside. This is bothering me more than it should.  I’m sure I’ll adjust soon enough.

Unfortunately, there are some important things missing:

1. Rocking chair. I’m going to have to figure this one out pronto. I really love having a rocking chair to use when the kids sit at the floor, and the kids love having it too. I might need to hit up IKEA or garage sales.

2. Bookshelf. My principal said that she’ll purchase bookshelves if needed. There are a couple small ones in there that currently have other things on them, but I have waaaaaaaay more books than will fit on those! If the school can’t buy one, maybe I can figure out a way to turn that big storage unit into storage for my classroom library.

3. Bulletin board. I can make one with paper or fabric and trim, and I guess I’ll have to do that. That does leave a ton of holes in the walls though. I’ll have to figure something out.

4. I love the accent wall, but the other walls are super boring. I’ll fix that right up!

5. A rug where the kids sit on the floor would be nice, but isn’t completely necessary.

6. Computers. There are laptop carts to check out and a computer lab, but the technology teacher said I can have a few classroom computers too if I want them (which I do).

Hopefully the “after” pictures will be much more inviting and cozy!

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